I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Ward Green Primary School.

I am proud to say that children and families are at the very heart of our school. We have dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure we have high quality teaching and learning experiences in all lessons.

We have developed the accelerated learning cycle into our teaching practice in all areas of the curriculum. This means that children work collaboratively and resiliently throughout every lesson. The lessons are very dynamic, full of energy where the children are motivated, engaged and lead their own learning. All lessons are high quality in terms of resources used, quality of teaching and learning where children from all abilities make greater than expected in every lesson. The curriculum is delivered through a thematic approach where there is a clear outcome at the end which the children know and work towards. This enables learning to be purposeful which builds upon the previous year’s knowledge and experiences.

During recent COVID closures we developed a high-quality remote teaching offer where children received 4 hours of quality teacher live lessons from the first day of closure. This has enabled any lost learning to be kept to a minimum and helped children to quickly catch up on their return.

We have developed parent/carer communications through the Seesaw App which enables children to post their work for parents/carers to see, as well as parents/carers and children being able to post work from home e.g. reading and pictures from activities completed at home…it is great to see! Parents/Carers can also contact the teacher at any time through the use of this Seesaw App. Seesaw App was especially useful to maintain contact with families during COVID lockdowns, which along with many school led activities, helped to maintain the community ethos and raise everyone’s spirits through a difficult time of isolation.

Staff have completed and developed initiatives from Trauma informed schools helping us to support each other and families in our community in many ways. We provide direct support for families through completion of EHA’s, access to food banks etc but we also have many other initiatives that have supported and made children and families feel valued throughout the year. In school we have a dedicated SEMH provision where an HLTA provides time to work with children to develop their emotional resilience along with helping to provide support and advice. Children can also access specialist TAD’s support in school.

All staff work very closely with all external agencies and we are regarded by our Local Authority as a very nurturing school who meets the needs of children well…. especially children with complex SEN needs. We have a dedicated Senior Leader who effectively manages children with SEN and EHCP needs, ensuring they receive the right support from all agencies.

Ward Green is a very inclusive school where staff go above and beyond to ensure children are able to take on responsibility for their learning, they grow into very rounded individuals who have aspirations for their future with a determination to succeed.

Thank you.
Mrs M Binns


Hoyland Common Academy Trust (HCAT)

Ward Green Primary are proud to be a part of the Hoyland Common Academy Trust (HCAT) schools where we work collaboratively across the trust to further improve outcomes for all our children.


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