Promoting Fundamental British Values

Our school is committed to promoting British Values within the learning curriculum, PHSCE and extra-curricular activities in accordance with The Department for Education.

The five British Values as defined by the Government are:

The Rule of Law
Individual Liberty
Mutual Respect
Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Ward Green Primary School approach learning around these values through our approach to Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning in school. Children will learn about these values from our PHSE curriculum, our RE curriculum, whole and class assemblies and community group time.

Throughout the year these values are promoted through the school assemblies which are held three times a week, and during collective worship which takes place at the end of each day, this reflection has been designed by our pupils. The school has formed close links with the local church, the pupils attend the church throughout the year and members of the congregation visiting school to deliver assemblies or participate in celebrations, for example Harvest Festival. Also, we promote the teaching of the key components of different religions through the RE curriculum and the importance of respect for the beliefs of others.

We have also supported these values through themed events, one of which was focused around our Armed Forces their valuable work, remembrance day, charity fundraising and royal celebrations.

Ward Green Primary School have charity fundraising events throughout the school year: MacMillan Coffee Morning, Children In Need, Red Nose Day etc. Most recently we have raised money for TAD’s during our Mental Health and Art Weeks in school.

Our School Council is elected by the children’s vote and we have a representative in each class.

As part of our School Values and Ethos we encourage children to be respectful and safe and link this to learning through E-Safety, Road Safety with Bikeability, Crucial Crew and Sports Tournaments.

Pupils develop an understanding of what is right and wrong and apply this into their own lives both in and out of school. They understand the consequences of their behaviours and are able to learn from mistakes.