At Ward Green Primary School we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

Ward Green Primary school is situated within an area of above average deprivation and BMBC NHS website statistics reports that 15.5% of Worsbrough Ward population is not in good health compared to national levels of 9.0%.

We welcome the Sports Premium Grant to provide additional funding to improve provision of Physical Education (P.E) and sport in our school. The key areas for consideration are; Physical education, Healthy active lifestyle choices and Competitive sports.

We use the Sports Premium Grant along with funding from the Big Lottery Grant to raise standards of all of our children in Physical Education by providing :-

  • High quality sports sessions led by highly qualified PE teachers or sports coach through high quality teaching and learning.
  • Effective lesson planning and curriculum provision mapping as part of the P.E curriculum team.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of progress of pupils through regular assessment.
  • Professional quality assured teaching modules & materials for PE and sport which includes sports equipment and resources.

Healthy Active Lifestyle Choices

  • School based Health programmes and intervention strategies, through liaisons with the school nurse and learning mentor, these programmes have been recognised through the Healthy school award.
  • Promote and encourage local activity clubs during the holidays.
  • After school clubs to be provided.
  • Promotion of Walk/Scooter or bike to school initiatives – bronze award achieved.
  • Healthy snack provision in foundation to give addition healthy food choices.
  • Lunchtime staff have access to sports equipment to model games and play on KS1 and 2 playgrounds – CPD available

Competitive School Sport: Increasing pupils’ participation in extra-curricular sport

  • Inclusive competitive opportunities (disability/SEN) – Trained staff deliver high quality PE games/tournaments in our school cluster of schools.
  • Support with intra and inter school competition co-ordination and delivery. Funding of sports co-ordinator to run and organise intra and inter school competitions.
  • Organised competitions at local/borough level. Funding of sports co-ordinator to run and organise intra and inter school competitions. Liaise with other schools in the local area. Organise opportunities for children to visit other schools.
  • Holiday/after school sports clubs which provide high quality additional sports facilities.
  • Sports activities during breakfast club ensuring children are ready for learning at the start of the day.

Priorities for 2023-24

  • Further develop quality of teaching & learning of Physical education through mentoring & coaching plus development of a PE curriculum team.
  • Develop a broader range of extra-curricular
  • Develop links with local schools who are members of the Hoyland Sports Pyramid. A full program of inter schools competitions are planned including, cross country, netball, hockey, boccia and basketball.
  • Develop healthy lifestyle choice initiatives through walk/scooter or bike to school, road safety, Junior wardens project, healthy breakfast club options.
  • Engage with local sports clubs to increase children’s involvement in attending clubs in the community i.e. Sheffield Sharks basketball team, local cricket/football/fencing club.
  • Sports coaches to incorporate exercise sessions during breakfast
  • Year 4 pupils learn to swim through a programme of swimming lessons.


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